Adamsville Stables

Policies and Procedures

Lesson Times:

Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled lesson time, unless otherwise planned. Students need to be dressed in riding pants, helmet and riding boots when their lesson times arrive. I have boots and helmets to lend to students. If you stay to watch the lesson, please do not talk during the lesson, this is very distracting to both student and teacher. Our barn is very small so please refrain from bringing lots of people for drop off and pick up. We can schedule a day when the family can come and watch their student ride. Student coming off the school bus: Lessons begin between 3:45 and 4:00. Pick up time will be decided upon on a case by case basis. During the cold months please provide lots of layers for the student to choose from. Ski pants and snow boots when the weather is very cold. Clothing may be dropped off in my entryway in a bag or sent with students to school in their backpack and they will be given a place to change. Don’t forget winter hats and gloves.


Full lesson/camp payment will be charged unless 48 hours notice is given. If a student becomes unavoidably sick the day of a lesson/camp please call and cancel immediately. A doctor’s note is required to be credited for the lesson. The lesson/camp day will be rescheduled as soon as possible. This may not apply during our summer camp/lesson season. A credit may need to be given for future use.

Payment and Fee schedule.

Beginners will be required to take private lessons until they have enough experience (*1) to be part of a semi- private or group. Group lessons refer to 3 or more riders.

Children and Adults ages 5- and older

45 minute private lesson $45.00

1 hour semi private or group lesson (when qualified) ......$45.00

(This includes brushing and tacking up horse)*2

1 hour private lessons .................. $70.00

Prepayment of 6 lessons qualifies student for a $5.00/lesson discount.

One hour private @$65.00 = $390.00

Forty-five minute private @ $40.00 = $240.00


Adamsville Stables does not refund lesson or camp money. We reschedule a lesson or camp if cancelled by the director or instructor, or child is sick. Doctor’s note is required.

*1 A qualified student can do the following independently: mount the horse, start, stop and turn the horse. Tack up with


*2 When a student can independently halter, groom and tack up the horse, they can arrive 15 minutes prior to lesson to get

their horse ready. (Updated 7/7/2017)