Our Team


Stephanie von trapp Derbsyhire

Rob Ladd



We found Charley via Dixie Girl Dog Rescue in the South. She joined our family in January of 2019. She’s full of love and enjoys long naps on the porch. When she’s having a good time you’ll hear her send out a low howl. Charley is a mutt, we’re not sure exactly her make up. We love the way she sits like a human and has ears that stand straight up!



Dixon is the largest of our mini horses, at a hefty 80 pounds. Just kidding! Dixon is a boxweiler. He found our way into our hearts and onto our couch in April of 2017. While he is a muscle dog, he couldn’t be sweeter. He loves to be loved (watch out for his gigantic paws swiping you to “keep petting me human”).



Toby has very unique story, but he found us! He started coming around our house around the summer of 2014. Long story short, after several sessions of “forced cuddling” he’s become a fixture in our home. He’s a bit shy at first but loves to rubbed. Toby is a Portuguese hunting dog.